Fangyan Yang

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Smale horseshoes, curvilinear rectangles and their U-shaped images patterned on Smale’s famous example, provide a rigorous way to study chaos in dynamical systems. The paper is devoted to constructing them in two-dimensional diffeomorphisms with the existence of transversal homoclinic saddles. We first propose an algorithm to automatically construct(More)
This paper studies a small neural network with three neurons. First, the activation function takes the sign function. Although the network is a simple hybrid systemwith all subsystems being exponentially stable, we find that it can exhibit very complex dynamics such as limit cycles and chaos. Since the sign function is a limit case of sigmoidal functions,(More)
In manufacturing, a good workshop tool management system (WTMS) plays an important role for enterprise production planning system & the use of equipment capacity. By using Unified Modeling Language (UML), based on Use Case Diagram, Static Structure Diagrams, and Dynamic Behavior Diagram, the functional demands of workshop tool management system are(More)
Information technology and network technology is developing rapidly, the relationship between firms and customers are becoming increasingly important. According to the management characteristics of CRM, the paper applies modeling methods and tools of UML to analyze and design sale management system online. This paper builds system development models,(More)
As the huge rural people floating into the cities, for those old men and children who have to live in the village, the safety issues, especially the ones on the alarm and treatment on time during the emergency situation, need to be resolved urgently. The paper demonstrates a system that is composed of software and hardware, constructs its structure model(More)
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