Fangyan Dong

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An image similarity method based on the fusion of similarity scores of feature similarity ranking lists is proposed. It takes an advantage of combining the similarity value scores of all feature types representing the image content by means of different integration algorithms when computing the image similarity. Three fusion algorithms for the purpose of(More)
Circuits to achieve geometric transformations including two-point swapping, flip, coordinate swapping, orthogonal rotations and their variants on N-sized quantum images are proposed based on the basic quantum gates; NOT, CNOT and Toffoli gates. The complexity of the circuits is O(log N) for two-point swapping and O(log N) for flip, co-ordinate swapping and(More)
A Multi-Channel Representation for Quantum Image (MCRQI) is proposed to facilitate the further image processing tasks based on the Flexible Representation for Quantum Image (FRQI). Channel Swapping Operation, One Channel Operation, are proposed as basic image processing operations on MCRQI representation. The simulation experiment results on classical(More)
Given the representation theorem, it is well known that any fuzzy set can be represented by an infinite family of its -cuts. While there have been a lot of theoretical investigations along this line, a surprisingly limited attention has been paid to the optimization of the representation (approximation) of fuzzy sets by some finite, usually quite limited,(More)
To improve the accuracy on bone marrow white blood cell segmentation, 3D structuring element based multiscale morphology is proposed. Combination of HSV color model and multiscale on structuring element can segment nucleus of white blood cell easily and accurately. By using color bone marrow white blood cell images from the CellAtlas, the experimental(More)