Fangxin Tian

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K. Bane, J. Bowers, A. Chao, T. Chen, F. J. Decker, R. L. Holtzapple, P. Krejcik, T. Limberg, A. Lisin, B. McKee, M. G. Minty, C.-K. Ng, M. Pietryka, B. Podobedov, A. Rackelmann, C. Rago, T. Raubenheimer, M. C. Ross, R. H. Siemann, C. Simopoulos, W. Spence, J. Spencer, R. Stege, F. Tian, J. Turner, J. Weinberg, D. Whittum, D. Wright, F. Zimmermann Stanford(More)
In recent years, a variety of film thickness measurement techniques for copper chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) are subsequently proposed. In this paper, the eddy-current technique is used. In the control system of the CMP tool developed in the State Key Laboratory of Tribology, there are in situ module and off-line module for measurement subsystem.(More)
A major upgrade to the SLC final focus was installed in 1994 to eliminate the dominant third-order aberration of the system, and thereby to reduce the vertical beam size at the IP by a factor of two. At low current, the optimal beam size of about 400 nm is now routinely established, and its sensitivity to orbit variations, to changes of emittance and energy(More)
In 2003 to approximately 2005, the Monochamus alternatus-infected Pinus thunbergii, P. massoniana and P. elliotii in pure and mixed forests were selected as attractants and dissected with one meter section manner, and five aggregation indices were used to analyze the spatial distribution patterns of M. alternatus and its natural enemy Dastarcus(More)
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