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Recent advances in MEMS hardware have enabled small-footprint and inexpensive sensors to be deployed in hard-to-access locations and to form wireless sensor networks (WSNs). WSNs are typically mission-oriented networks and offer appealing solutions to a range of practical problems. However, due to the characteristics of WSN, their design principles differ(More)
Almost all plants have the experience of ACB's overcurrent relay (OCR) unexpectedly trip event. Each accident will cause a huge production loss. But manufacturers of OCR can't afford the cost-effective solution of problem. The most used solution is to install an additional relay (ex. ABB Relay B) to replace the function of the ACB's OCR or to adopt a new(More)
Ad hoc networks lack pre-designated routers and physical infrastructure, which makes routing in these networks a challenging task. To overcome the problems associated with this, virtual backbone has been proposed as the routing infrastructure of ad hoc networks. A well-known and well researched approach for constructing virtual backbone is Connected(More)
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