Fangteng Zhang

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We report on three-dimensional (3D) precipitation of ZnO crystals inside a silicate glass by a 500 kHz femtosecond pulse laser. The precipitation and distribution of ZnO crystals in glass are confirmed and analyzed by Raman spectra and Raman mapping. Mirco- luminescence is observed in the laser modified region when excited by femtosecond pulse laser or(More)
RF2:Bi (R = Ca and Sr) phosphors were synthesized by solid state reaction method in air and their luminescence properties were investigated. Broad yellow-to-orange emissions peaking at ~550 nm (CaF2:Bi) and ~600 nm (SrF2:Bi) were observed under ~260 nm excitation. The emission centers inRF2:Bi (R = Ca and Sr) phosphors are Bi2+ ions, and the excitation and(More)
Topological insulator (TI) Bi2SeTe2 nanosheets with very regular hexagonal morphology were synthesized by a hydrothermal route. Open aperture (OA) z-scan method was performed to measure the saturable absorption (SA) characteristics of the as-prepared TI Bi2SeTe2 nanosheets. The measured modulation depth, saturation intensity and nonsaturable loss of the(More)
In this Letter, we have demonstrated the direct writing of polarization-dependent light attenuator inside fused silica by tailoring 1 kHz femtosecond (fs) laser induced self-organized nanogratings. Optical birefringence was observed to vary with the polarization plane azimuth of the fs laser and scanning direction. The formation of self-organized(More)
A grating structure was inscribed in a tellurite glass after irradiation with high-repetition rate femtosecond laser pulses. High diffraction efficiency was obtained due to the large refractive index change, which was caused by the precipitation of Te crystals in the laser modified region. Two-dimensional multicolored arrays were generated by cascaded(More)
Directly controlling the growth process of clusters and nanoparticles is an effective way to tune their specific properties, which has been considered as a significant issue lying at the heart of nanotechnology. For technological applications, great strides have been made in the assembly of clusters and nanoparticles. However, controllable synthesis of(More)
We discuss the origin of near- to mid-infrared emissions in Bi-doped oxide glasses recently reported [Opt. Lett.37, 4260 (2012)]. Our detailed analysis indicates that the near- to mid-infrared emissions in the range of 1200-3000 nm peaking at ~2500, 2650, and 2700 nm do not result from Bi active centers in the oxide matrix but are due to the selective(More)
We investigated the influence of laser-induced air breakdown on the femtosecond laser ablation of aluminum target using time-resolved pump-probe shadowgraphic imaging method. The early-stage plasma expanding dynamics and subsequent expanding behaviors of shockwaves and material ejection plume were analyzed through shadowgraphs recorded at different time(More)
We report the observation of an anomalous polarization dependent process in an isotropic glass induced by long time stationary irradiation of a high repetition rate near-infrared femtosecond laser. Two distinctive types of polarization dependent microstructures were induced at different irradiation stages. At early stage (a few seconds), a dumbbell-shaped(More)
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