Fangrui Liu

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—LCL filters offer a better choice of attenuating switching frequency harmonics. However, in a grid-connected system, an LCL filter may cause resonance which is a disaster for the system's stability. In order to solve the problem, a two-current-loop control strategy, which includes grid-current outer loop and filter-capacitor-current inner loop, is adopted(More)
A stochastic unscented Kalman filter is designed in an attempt to solve the state estimation problem of the greenhouse climate control systems with missing measurements. The missing measurements are described by a binary switching sequence satisfying a conditional probability distribution. In order to accommodate the effects of randomly varying arrival of(More)
The problem of constrained model predictive control on a class of stochastic linear parameter varying systems is discussed. First, constant coefficient matrices are obtained at each vertex in the interior of system, and then, by considering semi-definite programming constraints, weight coefficients between each vertex are calculated, and the equal(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for designing continuous gain scheduled H-infinity observer for uncertain nonlinear continuous stirred-tank reactor system subject to time-delay and actuator saturation. Initially, gradient linearization procedure is applied to describe such nonlinear system into several linear systems. Next, a convex hull set is(More)
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