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MRL/lpr mice develop a spontaneous systemic lupus erythematosus-like autoimmune syndrome due to a dysfunctional Fas receptor, with contributions from other less well-defined genetic loci. The removal of B cells by genetic manipulation not only prevents autoantibody formation, but it also results in substantially reduced T cell activation and kidney(More)
The stability and bifurcations of a hinged-hinged pipe conveying pulsating fluid with combination parametric and internal resonances are studied with both analytical and numerical methods. The system has geometric cubic nonlinearity. Three types of critical points for the bifurcation response equations are considered. These points are characterized by a(More)
This paper presents a design procedure to synchronize between unidirectionally coupled MCK hyperchaotic systems based on a sliding mode control. In contrast to the previous works, this approach needs two controllers to realize synchronization even when uncertainties are present in the coupled system. Then, a comparative example is given to emphasize the(More)