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In this paper, a novel domain-independent nonlinear thermoelastic model suitable for aerothermoelastic investigations is generated with which a continuous power transformation frame between the elastic and thermal domains is formed. To achieve this, first, a distinctive power distribution of each domain is defined by means of the Bond graph notation, and(More)
Cache access latency and efficient usage of on-chip capacity are critical factors that affect the performance of the chip multiprocessor (CMP) architecture. In this paper, we propose a SPS2 cache architecture and cache coherence protocol for snooping-based CMP, in which each processor has both private and shared L2 cache to balance latency and capacity. Our(More)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV's) provide an important means for collecting detailed scientific information from the ocean depths. The hull resistance of an AUV is an important factor in determining the power requirements and range of the vehicle. This paper describes a design method using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for determining the hull(More)
Human head models for the forward computation of EEG using FEM require a large set of elements to represent the head geometry accurately. Anatomically, the electrical property of each element is different, even though they may represent the same type of tissue (white matter, grey matter, etc.). Since it is impossible to obtain the electrical properties of(More)
This paper presents a path planner for rendezvous of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in turbulent, cluttered, and uncertain environments. The proposed strategy combines an Optimized Mass-center rendezvous point selection scheme with an evolutionary path planner to find trajectories for multiple AUVs with minimal time usage over all(More)