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Traveling salesman problem is widely utilized as the typical issue for algorithm performance research because of its important engineering and theoretical value. An adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm is employed in resolving TSP for the purpose of ameliorating the temperature management problems in the original Metropolis algorithm. In order to get(More)
Chaos and artificial neural networks have been providing a new rout for investigating the complicated nonlinear time series. As the traditional neural networks are easy to get slow convergence and produce large redundancy which might consequently bring low efficiency, the biased wavelet neural networks is employed to build chaotic time series forecasting.(More)
This paper establishes a multilevel business value model of information technology in the product development process by adopting the grounded theory, which not only identifies the key IT variables and pertinent intermediate variables, but also discovers the interaction and complementary characteristics of these variables. By collecting data in five(More)
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