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Satellite-derived soil moisture products have become an important data source for the study of land surface processes and related applications. For satellites with sun-synchronous orbits, these products are typically derived separately for ascending and descending overpasses with different local acquisition times. Moreover, diurnal variations in land(More)
Land surfacemodels (LSMs) are often applied to predict the one-way coupling strength between surface soil moisture (SM) and latent heat (LH) flux. However, the ability of LSMs to accurately represent such coupling has not been adequately established. Likewise, the estimation of SM/LH coupling strength using ground-based observational data is potentially(More)
Passive microwave observations from various spaceborne sensors have been linked to the soil moisture of the Earth’s surface layer. A new generation of passive microwave sensors are dedicated to retrieving this variable and make observations in the single theoretically optimal L-band frequency (1–2 GHz). Previous generations of passive microwave sensors made(More)
Downscaled microwave soil moisture (SM) products with a fine resolution are of great importance for both local and regional studies. However, few studies have explored the merits of multiple downscaled microwave SM products. An evaluation of the different products could help to advance knowledge of the downscaled microwave SM products and help researchers(More)
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