Fangming Zhao

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In a society preoccupied with gradual erosion of electronic privacy, loss of privacy in current DNS queries is an important issue worth considering. From the definition, the privacy problem is to prove that none of the private data can be inferred from the information which is made public. The privacy disclosure problem in DNS Query was well analyzed by(More)
For a wireless cell, the arrival rate and the proportion of different kind of service are diverse on distinct time in a day. This means that single resource allocation method can not efficiently utilize the radio resource all the time. Taking these matters into account, a policy-based radio resource allocation scheme is presented, in which the(More)
In this paper, channel allocation scheme is studied for overlay wireless networks to optimize connection-level QoS. The contributions of our work are threefold. First, channel allocation scheme using both horizontal channel borrowing and vertical channel borrowing is presented and analyzed. Channel borrowing is restricted within handoff requests, and only(More)