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The dynamic time warping (DTW) is a classic similarity measure which can handle the time warping issue in similarity computation of time series. And the DTW with constrained warping window is the most common and practical form of DTW. In this paper, the traditional learning method for optimal warping window of DTW is systematically analyzed. Then the time(More)
We develop a new kind of "space-filling" curves, <i>connected Fermat spirals</i>, and show their compelling properties as a tool path fill pattern for layered fabrication. Unlike classical space-filling curves such as the Peano or Hilbert curves, which constantly wind and bind to preserve locality, connected Fermat spirals are formed mostly by <i>long,(More)
As a part of vehicular network, V2I communication plays an important role in many aspects such as internet access, traffic information acquisition, ETC and so on. IEEE 802.11p is one of the most widely used access protocol, which adopts binary exponential backoff algorithm (BEB). However, in vehicular environment, BEB algorithm can't make any adjustment(More)
In IEEE1609.4/IEEE 802.11p for vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), periodic broadcasting of status messages on the control channel (CCH) can realize collision avoidance, accident early warning and many other safety applications, which has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. However, because IEEE 802.11p broadcast mode for VANETS has no(More)
We consider the source number estimation problem in the presence of unknown spatially nonuniform noise and underdetermined mixtures. We develop a new attractive source number estimator by replacing the covariance with the Fourth-Order (FO) cumulant of the observations. Furthermore, a Modified Minimum Description Length (MMDL) principle is proposed to reduce(More)