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The aim of this work was to develop a convenient method for radial/circumferential strain imaging and shear rate estimation that could be used as a supplement to the current routine screening for carotid atherosclerosis using video images of diagnostic ultrasound. A reflection model-based correction for gray-scale non-uniform distribution was applied to(More)
Transcription factor AP-2α involves in the process of mammalian embryonic development and tumorigenesis. Many studies have shown that AP-2α functions in association with other interacting proteins. In a two-hybrid screening, the regulatory subunit β of protein casein kinase 2 (CK2β) was identified as an interacting protein of AP-2α; we confirmed this(More)
BACKGROUND Smaller nanoparticles facilitate the delivery of DNA into cells through endocytosis and improve transfection efficiency. The aim of this study was to determine whether protamine sulfate-coated calcium phosphate (PS-CaP) could stabilize particle size and enhance transfection efficiency. METHODS pEGFP-C1 green fluorescence protein was employed as(More)
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