Fanghui Liu

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Chike (accession number Su1900), a Chinese native wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) variety, is resistant to the currently prevailing physiological races of Puccinia striiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici in China. Genetic analysis indicated that resistance to the physiological race CY32 of the pathogen in the variety was controlled by one dominant gene. In this(More)
Traditionally, kernel learning methods requires positive de€nitiveness on the kernel, which is too strict and excludes many sophisticated similarities, that are inde€nite, in multimedia area. To utilize those inde€nite kernels, inde€nite learning methods are of great interests. Œis paper aims at the extension of the logistic regression from positive(More)
In recent years, correlation filter based trackers outperform better than other trackers. Nevertheless, they only employ one feature and a single kernel, so they are usually not robust in complex scenes. In this paper, we derive a multi-feature and multi-kernel correlation filter based tracker which fully takes advantage of the invariance-discriminative(More)
This paper presents a novel object tracking method based on approximated Locality-constrained Linear Coding (LLC). Rather than using a non-negativity constraint on encoding coefficients to guarantee these elements nonnegative, in this paper, the non-negativity constraint is substituted for a conventional l2 norm regularization term in approximated LLC to(More)
The adsorption process of a geminized amphiphilic polyelectrolyte, comprising double elementary charges and double hydrophobic tails in each repeat unit (denoted as PAGC8), was investigated and characterized by means of quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D), ellipsometry, and atomic force microscopy (AFM). By comparison, the self-assembly(More)