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This article assesses the effect of potential future climate change on streamflow in the Luohe River basin. The predicted future climate change by two SRES (Special Report on Emissions Scenarios) climate change scenarios (A2 and B2) and two general circulation models (HadCM3 and CGCM2) were applied. SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool), a physically based(More)
The vegetation quality in upper catchment of the Yellow River is critical for ecological stability in the whole watershed, which is also sensitive to climate change. The dominant land covers in this region are grassland and forest, which intensively affect water quality and quantity, soil erosion for whole watershed. With MODIS products on twelve dates in(More)
: Wetlands are resources of paramount importance with many values and functions. However, with the economy development and the population growth, wetlands have undergone great changes. This study investigated the land-cover and landscape pattern dynamics of Guide wetlands in the periods 1977-2006. Four Landsat images were used to locate and quantify the(More)
Densified Biomass Solid Fuel (DBSF) is a typical solid form of biomass, using agricultural and forestry residues as raw materials. DBSF utilization is considered to be an alternative to fossil energy, like coal in China, associated with a reduction of environmental pollution. China has abundant biomass resources and is suitable to develop DBSF. Until now, a(More)
Surface water quality is negatively influenced by the urbanization process to pollutant loads in stormwater runoff and increases in runoff peaks and volumes. The first flush effect is the main impetus for pollutants transportations. This study compared the characteristics of first flush effect on stormwater runoff from blacktop driveway, concrete roof, and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) Rapid impact assessment matrix (RIAM) Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Integrated environmental score (IES) Indicator weighting Urban planning Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) has become an increasingly important decision-support tool for providing information on the(More)
"Green Water" was disregarded in traditional water resource researches, which has been the subject of much interest in recent years in the world. By now, most of the green water evaluation methods only focus on large scale (e.g. global scale) area, which is lack of precision. In this study, a hydrological model, SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool), is(More)