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[Comparative Study on Evaluating the Bladder Volume between BladderScan BVI9400 and Ultrasound System iU22].
BladderScan BVI9400 had the ability of high accuracy and good stability of measured data and could be as auxiliary equipment on pelvic tumor to evaluate whether the bladder volume during fractional radiotherapy was consistency with that during CT positioning.
Application of Environmental Friendly Material R32/R1234ze in Heat Pump Water Heater
With the refrigeration equipment working medium transition from high GWP to low, it is significant to study the environmental friendly refrigerant to protect the environment and avoid the greenhouse
The ATP7B genetic polymorphisms predict clinical outcome to platinum-based chemotherapy in lung cancer patients
The findings suggest that ATP7B genetic polymorphisms could affect the therapeutic efficacy of platinum-based chemotherapy, and ATP7 B gene might be considered as predictive markers for the efficacy evaluation of platinum -based chemotherapy in Chinese Han lung cancer patients.
Computational investigation reveals Picrasidine C as selective PPARα lead: binding pattern, selectivity mechanism and ADME/tox profile
The detailed information of binding pattern and affinity for Picrasidine C elucidated here will be valuable for chemical modification and for finding more potent, safe and selective PPARα agonists during structural optimization.
Performance Experimental Study of Environment Friendly Refrigerant R32 Enhanced Vapor Injection Heat Pump Water Heater
In this paper R32 and R410A were filled into the two-stage compression system with an enhanced vapor injection device so as to carry out some experimental studies and test of the performance. The
On Blow-Up Structures for a Generalized Periodic Nonlinearly Dispersive Wave Equation
The local well-posedness for a generalized periodic nonlinearly dispersive wave equation is established. Under suitable assumptions on initial value , a precise blow-up scenario and several
Research on Environmental Friendly Refrigerant Heat Pump Water Heater Based on Enhanced Vapor Injection
This paper studied the substitutability of R417A in enhanced vapor injection air source heat pump, mainly analyzed the feasibility of R417A instead of R22 under the low temperature conditions by