Fangfang Yang

4Hualian Wu
3Lijuan Long
3Tiantao Gao
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Tamoxifen is widely used to treat hormone-dependent breast cancer, but its therapeutic benefit is limited by the development of drug resistance. Here, we investigated the role of estrogen G-protein coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) on Tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer. Primary tumors (PTs) of breast cancer and corresponding metastases (MTs) were used to(More)
A novel method using ethanol was proposed for extracting lipids from wet microalga Picochlorum sp. at room temperature and pressure. In this study, Central Composite design (CCD) was applied to investigate the optimum conditions of lipid extraction. The results revealed that the solvent to biomass ratio had the largest effect on lipid extraction efficiency,(More)
BACKGROUND Natural forest succession often affects soil physical and chemical properties. Selected physical and chemical soil properties were studied in an old-growth forest across a forest successional series in Dinghushan Nature Reserve, Southern China. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The aim was to assess the effects of forest succession change on soil(More)
In this report, we describe combined polymorphisms of the UGT1A9, UGT1A7 and UGT1A1 genes in 100 unrelated, healthy Chinese Han subjects. The functional regions of these genes were sequenced and comprehensively analyzed for genetic polymorphisms. Thirty variants were detected, including five novel forms. Tentative functional predictions indicated that a Cys(More)
The in vivo kinetics of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) in patients with advanced and convalescent tuberculosis (TB) is not well characterized. In order to target Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) peptides- and HLA-DR-holding monocytes and macrophages, 2 MTB peptide-specific CD4(+) T-cell receptor (TCR) tetramers eu and hu were successfully constructed.(More)
Melanoma is a highly malignant neoplasm of melanocytes with considerable metastatic potential and drug resistance, explaining the need for new candidates that inhibit tumor growth and metastasis. The signal transducer and activator of the transcription 3 (Stat3) signaling pathway plays an important role in melanoma and has been validated as promising(More)
Ras-association domain family protein 6 (RASSF6) is a member of tumor suppressor RASSFs family with a wide range of function from RAS interaction, Hippo signaling involvement to cell cycle and apoptosis regulation. RASSF6 is reported inactivated in various types of cancer. However, whether RASSF6 is associated with colorectal cancer and the underlying(More)
Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a candidate oncogenic driver due to its prevalent overexpression and aberrant repression of tumor suppressor genes in diverse cancers. Therefore, blocking EZH2 enzyme activity may present a valid therapeutic strategy for the treatment of cancers with EZH2 overexpression including breast cancers. Here, we described(More)