Fangfang Tao

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Changes in membrane lipid composition is a fundamental strategy for plants to resist low-temperature stress. We compared members of 11 membrane glycerolipid classes in Thellungiella salsuginea and its close relative Arabidopsis thaliana at normal growth temperature, and during cold acclimation (CA), freezing (FR), and post-freezing recovery (PFR). The(More)
BACKGROUND Association between bacillary dysentery (BD) disease and temperature has been reported in some studies applying Poisson regression model, however the effect estimation might be biased due to the data autocorrelation. Furthermore the temperature effect distributed in the time of different lags has not been studied either. The purpose of this work(More)
The compound fuling granule (CFG) is a traditional Chinese drug which has been used to treat ovarian cancer in China for over twenty years. Nevertheless, the underlying molecular mechanism of its anti-cancer effect remains unclear. In this study, microarray data analysis was performed to search differentially expressed genes in CFG-treated ovarian cancer(More)
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