Fangchao Zhao

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To explore the integration of microalgae cultivation and anaerobic processing for wastewater treatment, we utilized an airlift circulation photobioreactor and a dynamic membrane reactor for microalgae cultivation in combination with an upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) reactor for starch processing wastewater (SPW) treatment. Chlorella pyrenoidosa(More)
Extracellular organic matter (EOM) can cause serious membrane fouling during the algae harvesting process. In this study, the secretion of EOM, including bound-EOM (bEOM) and dissolved-EOM (dEOM), by Chlorella pyrenoidosa (C. pyrenoidosa) at different culturing temperatures, and their influences on membrane filtration, have been investigated. The secretion(More)
By using mixed hosts with bipolar transport properties for blue emissive layers, a novel phosphorescence/fluorescence hybrid white OLED without using an interlayer between the fluorescent and phosphorescent regions is demonstrated. The peak EQE of the device is 19.0% and remains as high as 17.0% at the practical brightness of 1000 cd m(-2) .
The effective strategy of indirect linakge for constructing ternary ambipolar phosphine oxide (PO) hosts with the high first triplet energy levels (T(1)) was successfully demonstrated. The interplay between the chromophore, hole and electron transporting moieties was effectively restrained. Both of T(1) as high as 3.0 eV and ambipolar characteristics were(More)
We report a facile nonaqueous emulsion synthesis of colloidal halide perovskite quantum dots by controlled addition of a demulsifier into an emulsion of precursors. The size of resulting CH3NH3PbBr3 quantum dots can be tuned from 2 to 8 nm by varying the amount of demulsifier. Moreover, this emulsion synthesis also allows the purification of these quantum(More)
Highly efficient green and red electro-phosphorescence is achieved in devices with the host material DPESPODEF3. The multiple fluorenyl moieties of the host material are arranged such that it has an unsymmetrical molecular configuration, and its triplet-state location is tuned such that it has independent energy (ET) and charge transfer (CT) channels. As a(More)
The correspondence between triplet location effect and host-localized triplet-triplet annihilation and triplet-polaron quenching effects was performed on the basis of a series of naphthyldiphenylamine (DPNA)-modified phosphine oxide hosts. The number and ratio of DPNA and diphenylphosphine oxide was adjusted to afford symmetrical and unsymmetrical molecular(More)
In this study, ultrafiltration membranes with three different pore sizes were applied for algae harvesting to investigate filtration performance. The critical fluxes (JC) increased as the pore size increased, and the JC of 0.03-, 0.05- and 0.1-μm membranes were 20.0, 25.0 and 42.0Lm-2h-1, respectively. During continuous filtration, 0.7JC was selected as the(More)
Light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) with the thermally activated delayed fluorescence(TADF) host and phosphorescent guests were fabricated using solution process. It is demonstrated for the first time that TADF, a well-known phenomenon that helps to increase electroluminescence efficiency by harvesting excitons from triplet states, is used as a host(More)
The submerged aeration membrane (SAM) system and axial vibration membrane (AVM) system can mitigate membrane fouling. In this study, both systems were investigated to compare the performance of filtration and the membrane fouling in algae filtration. In 5-h filtration, the transmembrane pressure (TMP) of SAM reached to 70.0 kPa, while there was almost no(More)