Fangbin Liu

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Computationally efficient processing of hyperspectral image cubes can be greatly beneficial in many application domains, including environmental modeling, risk/hazard prevention and response, and defense/security. As individual cluster computers often cannot satisfy the computational demands of emerging problems in hyperspectral imaging, there is a growing(More)
Anonymous routing in ad hoc networks has been one of the major concerns over the past few years. Most researches have only focused on the route anonymity without considering energy efficiency and real-time performance which are also major concerns in ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose a novel efficient anonymous routing protocol which provides not(More)
The research area of Multimedia Content Analysis (MMCA) considers all aspects of the automated extraction of knowledge from multimedia data streams and archives. As individual compute clusters can not satisfy the increasing computational demands of emerging MMCA problems, distributed supercomputing on collections of compute clusters is rapidly becoming(More)
In recent years, shared parallel file system has been a new hot area for the high throughput computing. Many systems have been developed for this purpose, which include PVFS2 and GFS. These systems were being studied in my project. In this project, the concept of such a shared parallel file system has been built up by installing it on four nodes of the LISA(More)
Organoboron compounds offer new approaches to tune the electronic structures of π-conjugated molecules. In this work, an electron acceptor (M-BNBP4P-1) is developed by endcapping an organoboron core unit with two strong electron-withdrawing groups. M-BNBP4P-1 exhibits a unique wide absorption spectrum with two strong absorption bands in the long wavelength(More)
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