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For an advanced implementation of spelling correction via machine learning, a multi-level feature-based framework is developed. In order to use as much information as possible, we simultaneously include features from the character level, phonetic level, word level, syntax level, and semantic level. These are evaluated by a support vector machine to predict(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Augmented reality (AR) technology solves the problem of view switching in traditional image-guided neurosurgery systems by integrating computer-generated objects into the actual scene. However, the state-of-the-art AR solution using head-mounted displays has not been widely accepted in clinical applications because it causes some(More)
In this paper we present work done towards populating a domain ontology using a public knowledge base like DBpedia. Using an academic ontology as our target we identify mappings between a subset of its predicates and those in DBpedia and other linked datasets. In the semantic web context, ontology mapping allows linking of independently developed ontologies(More)
In order to overcome the limit of traditional methods in image cast detection, a new cast detection approach with robust performance is presented. The algorithm by using digital image analysis is used to analyze the characteristics of the image itself. Especially the algorithm introduces image texture information to cast factor K. The new technique of(More)
  • Fang Li
  • 2015
Combinatorial networks are widely applied in many practical scenarios. In this paper, we compute the closed-form probability expressions of successful decoding at a sink and at all sinks in the multicast scenario, in which one source sends messages to k destinations through m relays using random linear network coding over a Galois field. The formulation at(More)
In this paper, we present a method to evaluate and optimize traffic patrol based on the generalized maximal covering model. We first build a criterion to evaluate how well a traffic patrol deployment is, and then we formulate an optimization problem for selecting optimal patrol centers from candidates. We show that the optimal patrol centers can be found by(More)
The authors present a tablet-based image-guided neurosurgery system that transmits navigation information from a host to a movable tablet PC via a wireless local area network, and displays this information on the tablet screen. With this new system, surgeons can obtain standard navigation information on the tablet screen to avoid large view switching(More)
In order to improve communication efficiency and reduce the lost brought by key leakage as much as possible, this paper proposes a novel certificateless multi-proxy signcryption scheme with forward security based on the certificateless cryptography and the ideas of the latest signcryption key. In our proposed scheme, even if the proxy key got lost, attacker(More)