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[Studies on the effect of dihydromyricetin on antilipid-peroxidation].
OBJECTIVE To study the effects of Dihydromyricetin (DMY) on antilipid-peroxidation. METHOD The antilipid-peroxidation of DMY on heart, liver, brain tissue homogenate and mitochondria was measuredExpand
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[Studies on chemical constituents in leafs of Ilex kudingcha].
OBJECTIVE To study chemical constituents of Ilex kudingcha. METHOD The constituents were isolated by chromatographic method and the structures were identified on the basis of spectral analysis. Expand
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[Isolation and identification of two new diterpenoid from Rubus corchorifolius L. f].
To study the constituents of Rubus corchorifolius L. f, the constituents were separated by using various chromatographies and the structures were identified on the basis of chemical and spectralExpand
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A novel alkaloid from Huperzia crispate
A novel alkaloid, hupcrispatine (1), has been isolated from the unique Chinese species Huperzia crispate Ching. The structure of hupcrispatine has been elucidated as 9-amino-6-methyl-3-quinolone onExpand
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