Fang-jun Qin

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Influence on Strapdown Inertial Navigation System (SINS) error characteristics for different IMU (inertial measurement unit) rotation schemes was analyzed theoretically.It's indicated that, in single-axial and single-directed rotation scheme the gyro's bias on rotational axis was not modulated, but a equivalent bias calculate by scale-factor error(More)
When systemic rotation autocompensation technique is implemented in inertial navigation system (INS), inertial measurement unit (IMU) undergoes intentionally devised mechanical motions. This technique is one of the strategies of improving the system precision performance at the system level. A dual-axis continuous rotation scheme is introduced, and system(More)
A novel attitude algorithm for attitude matrix computing is proposed in order to alleviate reconstruction errors of discrete angular rates in a 12 accelerometer based Gyroscope-Free Strap down Inertial Navigation System(GFINS). Different from usual attitude algorithms which use only angular rates, the new algorithm combines angular rate with angular(More)
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