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An extracting method of special points in signature is presented. The special points are used as signature segmented points, and the extraction and selection of each segment features are analyzed. The algorithm of on-line handwritten signature verification based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is presented and examined availably by the signature database from(More)
A well-established method for diagnosis of glaucoma is the examination of the optic nerve head based on fundus image as glaucomatous patients tend to have larger cup-to-disc ratios. The difficulty of optic segmentation is due to the fuzzy boundaries and peripapillary atrophy (PPA). In this paper a novel method for optic nerve head segmentation is proposed.(More)
A kind of 4-step face authentication algorithm was proposed. At first, the primitive photograph was decomposed by the wavelet transformation, extracting the low frequency part and eliminating noise. Then the images were put into the process of 2DPCA to get smaller image for the next step. Fisher linear substitution completed characteristic extractions(More)
Back Propagation Neural Network, as a method of data fusion technology, has been used in many common fields widely. In this paper, Back Propagation Neural Network based on Binary Full Codes has been presented. Traditional Back Propagation method may classify the data as a good result, but it does not recognize the untrained data exactly. Back Propagation(More)
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