Fang-fang Song

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BACKGROUND Circulating concentrations of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) have been recently reported to be elevated in several chronic disorders. However, no study has ever examined the association between circulating HO-1 concentrations and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). METHODS AND FINDINGS 581 cases with newly-diagnosed T2DM (New-T2DM) and 611 comparison(More)
BACKGROUND A model of simulated Alzheimer's disease (AD) induced by aggregated amyloid protein (Abeta(1-40)) was built in Wistar rats to observe the behavioral and pathological changes of Abeta(1-40) and the effect of hypodermic insulin injected on the function of study and memory and the expression of Abeta(1-40) from the CA1 area of the hippocampus. (More)
—In recent years, With the development of science and technology to promote the popularity of video surveillance, computer techniques have a great value on obtaining the crowd counting information of surveillance video automatically, but perspective effects, mutual occlusion between people and other factors make crowd counting difficult. This paper presents(More)
Bilateral breast cancer (BBC) poses a major challenge for oncologists because of the cryptic relationship between the two lesions. The purpose of this study was to determine the origin of the contralateral breast cancer (either dependent or independent of the index tumor). Here, we used ultra-deep whole-exome sequencing and array comparative genomic(More)
The fragile-site associated tumor suppressor (FATS, formerly known as C10orf90), a regulator of p53-p21 pathway has been involved in the onset of breast cancer. Recent data support the idea that the crosstalk between FATS and p53 may be of physiological importance for reproduction during evolution. The aim of the current study was to test the hypothesis(More)
Here, polymorphisms of the ovine prion protein gene were analyzed in 486 Chinese sheep from 16 main local breeds. Polymorphisms R or H at codons 154 and four polymorphisms at codon 171 encoding Q, R, H, or K were identified. The A/V polymorphism at codon 136 was not observed, and all sheep were homozygous for A at this position. In addition, ten(More)
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have great potential in bone tissue engineering to repair large bone defects. Before their clinical application, investigations are needed to discover the genes and osteoconductive scaffolds that influence their differentiation toward an osteogenic lineage. Alox5 plays controversial and complex roles in the regulation(More)
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