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Electronic Travel Aid (ETA) technology can be used to help blind people walk. Blind users can judge current environment with the prompt of ETA system. The portable ETA system is a model of ETA system which is simple in structure, easy to carry, easy to use and low cost. One of the important research is how to extract the orientation of the blind sidewalk(More)
The feedback of sonification on CAD analyzing information in addition to picture interface increases userpsilas accepting information and decreases the load of visual channel. Data overall can be observed and analyzed. According to characteristic of design data, machine simulation and data comparison analysis, data-sound mapping is analyzed. With the(More)
Collision detection is of paramount importance for many applications in computer graphics and visualization. In this research, we present an efficient algorithm for collision detection using a dual bounding hierarchy which consists of an discrete orientation polytopes (k-DOPs) tree enhanced with bounding sphere. The algorithm combines the compactness of the(More)
This paper proposes an effective method to manage the huge number of scene images captured by camera users. Here, “manage” mainly refers to cluster these images into semantically meaningful categories and further try to find some most representative images of each scene to characterize the scene. In this work, our contributions mainly focus on(More)
This paper constructs a flexible person identity authentication archetype by using multiple identity verification methods, which take effort to combine the advantages of both traditional and biometric authentication ways while overcome their respective weaknesses. By introducing fuzzification of the penalty and different cost algorithm, we can alleviate(More)
The paper introduces the teaching exploration and reform measures in the process of the construction of “software foundation”, which is a exquisite course of Zhejiang University City College, including the experience of team construction, teaching methods, teaching means, reform of teaching mode and construction of teaching material and(More)
Aiming at the popularization and the application flaw in the existing Electronic Travel Aid (ETA) system, a model of intelligent ETA system named AudioGuider is designed. GPS (Global Position System), GIS (Geographic Information System), image processing technology and auditory display technology are better tied in the scheme. It can provide immediate(More)
In computer graphics, collision detection is considered a key problem with important applications in related areas. In this research, we present an efficient algorithm for collision detection using a dual bounding hierarchy which consists of an oriented bounding box (OBB) tree enhanced with Axes-Aligned Bounding Box (AABB). The algorithm combines the(More)
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