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Lithium isotopic composition and concentration of the upper continental crust
The Li isotopic composition of the upper continental crust is estimated from the analyses of well-characterized shales, loess, granites and upper crustal composites (51 samples in total) from NorthExpand
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Magnesium isotopic composition of the Earth and chondrites
Abstract To constrain further the Mg isotopic composition of the Earth and chondrites, and investigate the behavior of Mg isotopes during planetary formation and magmatic processes, we reportExpand
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Heterogeneous magnesium isotopic composition of the upper continental crust
High-precision Mg isotopic data are reported for � 100 well-characterized samples (granites, loess, shales and upper crustal composites) that were previously used to estimate the upper continentalExpand
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Chondritic magnesium isotopic composition of the terrestrial mantle: A case study of peridotite xenoliths from the North China craton
article In order to further investigate inter-mineral Mg isotope fractionation at mantle temperatures and to better constrain the Mg isotopic composition of the terrestrial mantle, we have studied aExpand
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Iron isotopic systematics of oceanic basalts
Abstract The iron isotopic compositions of 93 well-characterized basalts from geochemically and geologically diverse mid-ocean ridge segments, oceanic islands and back arc basins were measured.Expand
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Magnesium and iron isotopes in 2.7 Ga Alexo komatiites: Mantle signatures, no evidence for Soret diffusion, and identification of diffusive transport in zoned olivine
Komatiites from Alexo, Canada, are well preserved and represent high-degree partial mantle melts (∼50%). They are thus well suited for investigating the Mg and Fe isotopic compositions of the ArcheanExpand
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Routine isotopic analysis of iron by HR-MC-ICPMS: How precise and how accurate?
Abstract High-temperature isotopic variations documented in natural materials span a narrow range and call for precise and accurate isotopic analyses. Precisions better than ~ 0.03‰ (95% confidenceExpand
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Magnesium isotopic systematics of continental basalts from the North China craton: Implications for tracing subducted carbonate in the mantle
article i nfo To explore the possibility of tracing recycled carbonate by using Mg isotopes and to evaluate the effects of the western Pacific oceanic subduction on the upper mantle evolution of theExpand
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Lithium isotopic composition and concentration of the deep continental crust
Abstract Samples from Archean high-grade metamorphic terranes in China and granulite-facies xenoliths from Australia (Chudleigh and McBride suites) and China (Hannuoba suite) have been analyzed toExpand
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Iron Isotope Fractionation During Magmatic Differentiation in Kilauea Iki Lava Lake
Magmatic differentiation helps produce the chemical and petrographic diversity of terrestrial rocks. The extent to which magmatic differentiation fractionates nonradiogenic isotopes is uncertain forExpand
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