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This paper designs a robust controller with modeling uncertainties and external disturbance for stable dynamic walking of biped robot. The method of multibody dynamics is applied to construct the equations of motion for the complicated biped robot system with both structured and unstructured uncertainties, and the normal model of the system was taken into(More)
Based on screw theory, the relationship between motion screw system of limbs and constraint screw system of moving platform is analyzed, and the explicit expressions between constraint force screw of moving platform and motion screw of limbs are established. A method of structure synthesis for 5-DOF parallel manipulator is advanced. The conditions of(More)
The dynamic behavior of electro-hydraulic driven parallel manipulators is highly nonlinear system, the nonlinear behavior arising from load friction as well as the valve flow-pressure drop relationship. This paper is concerned with the robust tracking control of electro-hydraulic driven parallel manipulators with the model uncertainties. An adaptive fuzzy(More)
In this paper, the structural synthesis method based on the theory of screw for parallel manipulator is briefly reviewed. The platform singularity in the design configuration is mainly discussed. The constraints acted on the platform that may decide the property of platform are analyzed in view that they are linear dependent or not. According to the(More)
This paper presents a neural-adaptive sliding mode control for the tracking control of 4-SPS(PS) type parallel manipulator. The neural-adaptive controller is introduced to modify the coefficients of sliding manifold in sliding control strategy, which solve the problem that the equivalent control can not be obtained accurately because of the uncertain and(More)
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