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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To identify when fatigue is reported as a problem by people who are HIV positive, what the perception of fatigue is, and which self-care behaviors are used and with what efficacy. DESIGN Multisite descriptive study. SETTING University-based AIDS clinics, community-based organizations, and homecare agencies located in cities across the(More)
Traditional means of performance measurement, however, are either based on few predefined factors that provide only a partial view of the system or limited to a single activity and thus ignore the interaction between activities. To address this problem, a modified model for data envelopment analysis with multi-activity networks is proposed for accounting(More)
Cancer support group has been studied as an intervention to improve patient psychosocial well-being. The effectiveness of support groups among Asian breast cancer (BC) patients has been unclear and received limited attention to the evidence of its effectiveness. The social-cognitive processing theory underlies the principles of support groups and advocates(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper summarizes the barriers and challenges in cancer care reported from a validation project of a self-management intervention handbook from Chinese-American cancer patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). METHODS Seven health-care providers (HCPs) and 16 Chinese-American cancer survivors with LEP were invited to validate a(More)
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