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With characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and zero emission, pure electric vehicle is an effective solution for the recent energy crisis and environmental issues. This paper develops a pure electric vehicle control strategy that will be used on ENRANGER G3 - a compact SUV model by Wei Chai Motor. A hardware in the loop (HIL) test(More)
The research of electric vehicles has attracted more and more attention. High voltage (Hv) power up/down control strategy which sometimes could be complicated yet confused, is very important part of pure electrical vehicle algorithm. This study gives an Hv power up/down control strategy which divides the high voltage power up/down control into five stages.(More)
In this paper, the iterative learning control (ILC) problem is considered for a class of remote control system over wireless network communication channel. The control performance of remote iterative learning control (R-ILC) system is analyzed and an effective method is proposed to estimate the stable mean square error of the R-ILC system caused by Gauss(More)
With the advent of digital sensor, the requirement for new Photogrammetric software is urgent to quick object information extraction from high-resolution stereo pairs. This paper describes an effective combined approach for digital surface reconstruction and thematic information extraction automatically. Digital surface reconstruction from stereo pairs is(More)
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