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acknowledges support by the National Science Foundation CAREER award under contract number IIS-9875746. The authors are grateful to the senior editor, associate editor and three anonymous reviewers for constructive critique and suggestions for improvements. Austin. His publications have appeared in several top tier journals such as American Economic Review,(More)
While the focus of electronic commerce has often been on " dot coms " or pure Internet based companies, a major transformation is under way in many traditional " bricks-and-mortar " organizations. The latter are investing heavily in Internet based technologies and applications in order to attain new heights of efficiency, productivity and business value.(More)
We compare the chromatographic signatures of petroleum biomarkers in Deepwater Horizon (DH) source oil, three other reference crude oils, DH emulsified mousse that arrived on Alabama's shoreline in June 2010, and seven tar balls collected from Alabama beaches from 2011 to 2012. Characteristic hopane and sterane fingerprints show that all the tar ball(More)
While the field of electronic commerce has often focused on the rise and fall of " dot coms, " a major transformation is under way in many traditional organizations that are investing heavily in Internet technologies in order to improve financial performance. While anecdotes in the business press suggest that some firms have achieved unprecedented benefits(More)
The 2010 Deepwater Horizon (DWH) catastrophe had considerable impact on the ∼ 50 km long sandy beach system located along the Alabama shoreline. We present a four-year dataset to characterize the temporal evolution of various polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their alkylated homologs trapped in the residual oil buried along the shoreline. Field(More)
The increasing proliferation of online shopping and purchasing has naturally led to a growth in the popularity of comparison-shopping search engines, popularly known as " shopbots ". We extend the one-product-at-a-time search approach used in current shopbot implementations to consider purchasing plans for a bundle of items. Our approach leverages(More)
Online retailers are increasingly using information technologies to provide value added services to customers. Prominent examples of these services are online recommender systems and consumer feedback mechanisms that serve to reduce consumer search costs and uncertainty associated with the purchase of unfamiliar products. The central question we address is(More)