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The formation of new genes is a primary driving force of evolution in all organisms. The de novo evolution of new genes from non-protein-coding genomic regions is emerging as an important additional mechanism for novel gene creation. Y chromosomes underlie sex determination in mammals and contain genes that are required for male-specific functions. In this(More)
Exposure to ambient airborne particulate matter (PM) with an aerodynamic diameter less than 10 μm (PM10 ) links with public health hazards and increases risk for lung cancer and other diseases. Recent studies have suggested that oxidative stress is a key mechanism underlying the toxic effects of exposure to PM10 . Several components of water-soluble(More)
INTRODUCTION Sick building syndrome (SBS) includes general, mucosal and skin symptoms. It is typically associated with an individual's place of work or residence. The aim of this study was to explore the effect of traffic exposure on SBS symptoms in Beijing, China. METHODS From January to May, 2011, recruitment occurred at kindergartens in 11 districts in(More)
The urbanization and industrialization in China is accompanied by bad air quality, and the prevalence of asthma in Chinese children has been increasing in recent years. To investigate the associations between ambient PM2.5 levels and asthmatic and allergic diseases or symptoms in preschool children in China, we assigned PM2.5 exposure data from the Global(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the proportion of Beijing children who have ever had pneumonia (%Pneumonia) to those in other locations, and to estimate by how much national vaccine coverage with Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) and Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) could reduce Beijing %Pneumonia. METHODS %Pneumonia was obtained for each age group from 1 to(More)
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