Fang Qi

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* In this paper, we propose a transport control performance improvement algorithm in heterogeneous networks. This paper discusses some novel algorithms to estimate the available bandwidth and to distinguish congestion error losses from wireless transmission error losses. The main characteristics of the algorithms is that it is non intrusive, i.e., it does(More)
The anti-spoofing community has been intensively proposing new methods for defending against new spoofing techniques. It is still challenging for protecting na¨ıve users from advanced spoofing attacks. In this paper, we analyze the problems within those anti-spoofing mechanisms and propose a new Automatic Detecting Security Indicator (ADSI) scheme. This(More)
Methane-rich water triggered adventitious rooting by regulating heme oxygenase1/carbon monoxide and calcium pathways in cucumber explants. Heme oxygenase1/carbon monoxide (HO1/CO) and calcium (Ca2+) were reported as the downstream signals in auxin-induced cucumber adventitious root (AR) formation. Here, we observed that application of methane-rich water(More)
Multiple myeloma (MM) originates from malignant plasma cells, leading to multiple destructive lytic bone lesions that occur in more than 80% of MM patients. MicroRNAs have been reported to be involved in development of bone lesions in MM. However, the circulating microRNA as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for bone lesions has not been elucidated yet.(More)