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Real-time automatic and continuous information gathering through EcoGrid offers an unique and immense opportunity for long term ecological monitoring and planning. However, the vast amount of raw data gathered must be dealt with efficiently and effectively so that they may be timely turned into useable information to assist ecological management. In(More)
Electron tomography is a powerful technique for deriving 3D structural information from biological specimens. As advanced instrumentation, networking, and grid computing are applied to electron tomography and biological sciences in general, much work is needed to integrate and coordinate these advanced technologies in a transparent way to deliver them to(More)
The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON; www.gleon.org) is a grassroots network of limnologists, information technology experts, and engineers who have a common goal of building a scalable, persistent, international network of lake ecology observatories. Data from these observatories will help us to better understand key issues such as the(More)
We present a research tool that supports marine ecologists' research by allowing analysis of long-term and continuous fish monitoring video content. The analysis can be used for instance to discover ecological phenomena such as changes in fish abundance and species composition over time and area. Two characteristics set our system apart from traditional(More)
The study of fish populations in their own natural environment is a task that has usually been tackled in invasive ways which inevitably influenced the behavior of the fish under observation. Recent projects involving the installation of permanent underwater cameras (e.g. the Fish4Knowledge (F4K) project, for the observation of Taiwan’s coral reefs) allow(More)
The management of real-time streaming data in large-scale collaborative applications presents major processing, communication and administrative challenges. To that end, an open-source RBNB DataTurbine provides an excellent basis for developing robust streaming data middleware. The current RBNB DataTurbine streaming data middleware system satisfies a core(More)
With the increasing climatic extremes, the frequency and severity of urban flood events have intensified worldwide. In this study, image-based automated monitoring of flood formation and analyses of water level fluctuation were proposed as value-added intelligent sensing applications to turn a passive monitoring camera into a visual sensor. Combined with(More)