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The noble scallop Chlamys nobilis Reeve displays polymorphism in shell and muscle colors. Previous research showed that the orange scallops with orange shell and muscle had a significantly higher carotenoid content than the brown ones with brown shell and white muscle. There is currently a need to identify candidate genes associated with carotenoid-based(More)
Infection of poultry with diverse lineages of H5N2 avian influenza viruses has been documented for over three decades in different parts of the world, with limited outbreaks caused by this highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. In the present study, three avian H5N2 influenza viruses, A/chicken/Shijiazhuang/1209/2013, A/chicken/Chiping/0321/2014, and(More)
A domain at the NH(2) terminal (N-terminal) of tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) termed the pre-ligand binding assembly domain (PLAD). The finding that PLAD can mediate a selective TNFR assembly in previously researches provides a novel target to the prevention of TNFR signaling in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID). In this study, a natural(More)
The low-pathogenic avian influenza subtype of the H9N2 virus circulates in domestic poultry and wild birds throughout the world, causing severe morbidity and mortality in commercial chickens during coinfection with other pathogens , resulting in enormous losses. This kind of virus has been prevalent since the H9N2 virus was first identified in China in(More)
Previous studies have shown that methionine from root exudates affects the rhizosphere bacterial population involved in soil nitrogen fixation. A transgenic line of Zigongdongdou soybean cultivar (ZD91) that expresses Arabidopsis cystathionine γ-synthase resulting in an increased methionine production was examined for its influence to the rhizosphere(More)
A high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method with ultraviolet detection (UVD) for the simultaneous determination of cysteine (Cys), homocysteine (Hcys) and glutathione (GSH) in human plasma was established. Tween 20-capped gold nanoparticles (Tween 20-AuNPs) were used as selective probes for the extraction and enrichment of amino-thiols. The(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Gua sha therapy on perimenopausal symptoms, quality of life, and serum female hormones in participants with perimenopausal syndrome. METHODS A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted at the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in(More)
The use of transgenic plants in agriculture provides many economic benefits, but it also raises concerns over the potential impact of transgenic plants on the environment. We here examined the impact of transgenic high-methionine soybean ZD91 on the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal community structure in rhizosphere soil. Our investigations based on clone(More)
Heavy metals in soils polluted by industrial production are a meaningful topic worldwide. The purpose of this study is to understand the pollution status and spatial distribution of heavy metals in soils. The result can help decision-makers apportion possible soil heavy metals sources and formulate effective pollution control policies. In this paper, 155(More)
OBJECTIVE Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) H9N2 subtype virus has been prevalent in domestic poultry in China over two decades. This study was to determine the genetic evolution trend of H9N2 avian influenza virus (AIV) under immune pressure of vaccine. METHODS H9 HA sequences of 40 isolates from the present study and 136 pandemic strains and 7(More)
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