Fang Liming

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DSM is an exciting new technology with the potential to significantly improve data-rates, service stability and power consumption in DSL. Developing DSM from a theoretical technique into a commercial product is a challenging task and requires many practical issues to be addressed. This paper describes our experience in developing a DSM Level 2 prototype. By(More)
A secret handshake scheme with unlinkable reusable credentials secure in the standard model has remained to be an open problem until Ateniese and Blanton use an identity-based encryption scheme to construct a secret handshake. However, the scheme is less efficient and its security reduction is also looser. In this paper we propose a new unlinkable secret(More)
At PKC'08, Libert and Vergnaud presented the first construction of unidirectional proxy re-encryption scheme with chosen-ciphertext security in the standard model. The limitation of their scheme is using one time signature. In this paper, an improved unidirectional chosen-ciphertext secure proxy re-encryption scheme is proposed. Our construction is more(More)
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