Fang Jin

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A rank approach based on projection model is proposed to deal with multiple attribute decision-making[MADM] problems under risk and with attribute value as continuous random variable on bounded intervals. Firstly, risk decision matrix is normalized by density function, and weights of attributes are calculated based on exception value of random variable by(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the hodotopical organization of neural pathway of Chinese in posterior inferior frontal gyrus. Forprovide the basis for the individual protectionoflanguage functionin the operation of the language functional area. METHODS Twenty volunteers underwentlanguage mapping using repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic(More)
A quantitative analysis of tweets during the Ebola crisis reveals that lies, half-truths, and rumors can spread just like true news. A lthough Ebola isn't a new disease, the current outbreak in West Africa is believed to be more than three times worse than all previous ones in history combined. In addition, public health experts fear massive underreport-ing(More)
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