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Financial markets are quite sensitive to unanticipated news and events. Identifying the effect of news on the market is a challenging task. In this demo, we present Forex-foreteller (FF) which mines news articles and makes forecasts about the movement of foreign currency markets. The system uses a combination of language models, topic clustering, and(More)
Modeling the movement of information within social media outlets, like Twitter, is key to understanding to how ideas spread but quantifying such movement runs into several difficulties. Two specific areas that elude a clear characterization are (i) the intrinsic random nature of individuals to potentially adopt and subsequently broadcast a Twitter topic,(More)
Characterizing information diffusion on social platforms like Twitter enables us to understand the properties of underlying media and model communication patterns. As Twitter gains in popularity, it has also become a venue to broadcast rumors and misinformation. We use epidemiological models to characterize information cascades in twitter resulting from(More)
Finding optimal parameters for simulating biological systems is usually a very difficult and expensive task in systems biology. Brute force searching is infeasible in practice because of the huge (often infinite) search space. In this article, we propose predicting the parameters efficiently by learning the relationship between system outputs and parameters(More)
A rank approach based on projection model is proposed to deal with multiple attribute decision-making[MADM] problems under risk and with attribute value as continuous random variable on bounded intervals. Firstly, risk decision matrix is normalized by density function, and weights of attributes are calculated based on exception value of random variable by(More)