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This paper introduces the old nine-needle including its name, shape, function, manipulation and origination, as well as systematically introduces the new nine-needle as a new product which has been developed under the guidance of modern science and technology based on the old nine-needle since 1949. As a new tool, the new nine-needle provide much more(More)
With the unique structure and manipulation techniques of blood-letting and cutting, hook needle serves as a role in dredging meridians, removing blood stasis, purging heat for resuscitation and relaxing synechial tissues. There are three needling techniques of hook needle: swift pricking, bleeding and pricking. Six manipulations are commonly used as(More)
way. Vehicles entering the roundabout must yield cautiously to ones already navigating the circulatory lane(s). The far-reaching appeal of roundabouts can be specifically ascribed to their substantiated safety benefits, strengthened circulation efficiency, decreased maintenance costs, and improved aesthetic effects (1). France, leading the world with(More)
The characteristics and advantages of acupuncture therapy for apoplexy have been widely approved in China. However, the factors affecting the curative effect are various. More and more researchers think highly of the acupuncture needle-retaining duration. The present article makes a discussion on the significance of needle-retaining duration for improving(More)
Modern roundabouts have become very popular in North America over the last decade. This popularity can be attributed to their great success in Europe and Australia. The prevalence of roundabouts has generated significant debate over their accessibility for pedestrians. With almost uninterrupted traffic flows, it is difficult for the visually impaired to(More)
Beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hübner), is a worldwide pest of many crops. Chemical insecticides are heavily used for its control in China, and serious resistance has been evolved in the field to a variety of insecticides including emamectin benzoate. Through repeated backcrossing to a susceptible strain (WH-S) and selection with emamectin benzoate, the(More)
A comparison of recognition to migraine and treatment methods for it was made between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in this paper. Emphasis was made on standardized manipulation processes and techniques of sharp hooked needling for treating the disease, based on both the organic conception of the human body, the theory held by TCM, and(More)
Certain species of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) use cathodes as electron donors for metabolism, and this electron transfer process may influence the proper protection potential choice for structures. The interaction between SRB and polarized electrodes had been the focus of numerous investigations. In this paper, the impact of cathodic protection (CP) on(More)
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