Fang‐Fei Wei

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BACKGROUND The metabolic signature associated with subclinical diastolic left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in the population remains ill defined. METHODS AND RESULTS In 711 randomly recruited Flemish (50.8% women; mean age, 50.8 years), we assessed echocardiographic Doppler indexes of diastolic LV function in relation to 44 circulating metabolites(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental studies have demonstrated that lead and cadmium have direct toxic effects on the myocardium, but the few human studies are limited by design, assessment of exposure, and use of heart failure as a late-stage endpoint. METHODS AND RESULTS In a prospective population study, we studied the association of left ventricular (LV) function(More)
BACKGROUND To address the need for personalized prevention, we conducted a subject-level meta-analysis within the framework of the Heart "OMics" in AGEing (HOMAGE) study to develop a risk prediction model for heart failure (HF) based on routinely available clinical measurements. METHODS AND RESULTS Three studies with elderly persons (Health Aging and Body(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the value of X-ray imaging for diagnosing abdominal tuberculous lymphadenopathy. METHODS 27 cases of tuberculous lymphadenopathy proved by clinical or pathohistological evidence were collected, all of which were examined with radiological imaging methods. RESULTS The typical CT findings enlarged lymph nodes with peripheral or(More)
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