Fang-Chu Chen

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Myocardial injury used to be thought as one of the major complications associated with sternal fracture even though recent studies on injuries associated with fracture of sternum are contrary to this belief. Many authors now believe the presence of sternal fracture is no longer indicative of occult injuries to the underlying structure such as the heart.(More)
Due to progress in high dynamic range (HDR) capture technologies, the HDR image or video display on conventional LCD devices has become an important topic. Many tone mapping algorithms are proposed for rendering HDR images on conventional displays, but intensive computation time makes them impractical for video applications. In this paper, we present a(More)
As the development in high dynamic range (HDR) video capture technologies, the bit-depth video encoding and decoding has become an interesting topic. In this paper, we show that the real-time HDR video display is possible. A tone mapping based HDR video architecture pipelined with a video CODEC is presented. The HDR video is compressed by the tone mapping(More)
This paper presents a self-sustainable landslide surveillance system that detects hazardous water content level in soils and provides real-time landslide warnings to residents, without requiring wired electricity transmission. A self-powered soil water content sensor was applied as the trigger of alert event. It solves the energy supply problem by an(More)
In this paper, a method for applying psychoacoustic effects into the reformation of an MPEG-4 bit sliced arithmetic coded (BSAC) scalable audio bitstream is presented. The method is to rearrange the compressed information based on the scalefactors calculated by the psychoacoustics model in order to reflect the different subjective significance of the(More)
This paper proposes a power management mechanism, via cross-layer design over application/presentation, datalink, and physical layers, for power-limited receivers in a multimedia streaming system such as the digital audio/video broadcasting system. In the transmitter, fine grain scalable source coding is utilized in the application/presentation layer to(More)
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