Fang Cheng Chou

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Polyamines are organic polycations essential for cell growth and differentiation; their aberrant accumulation is often associated with diseases, including many types of cancer. To maintain polyamine homeostasis, the catalytic activity and protein abundance of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), the committed enzyme for polyamine biosynthesis, are reciprocally(More)
Two-dimensional crystals with a wealth of exotic dimensional-dependent properties are promising candidates for next-generation ultrathin and flexible optoelectronic devices. For the first time, we demonstrate that few-layered InSe photodetectors, fabricated on both a rigid SiO2/Si substrate and a flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film, are capable(More)
In this paper, we report the optoelectronic properties of multi-layered GeS nanosheet (∼28 nm thick)-based field-effect transistors (called GeS-FETs). The multi-layered GeS-FETs exhibit remarkably high photoresponsivity of Rλ ∼ 206 A W(-1) under 1.5 μW cm(-2) illumination at λ = 633 nm, Vg = 0 V, and Vds = 10 V. The obtained Rλ ∼ 206 A W(-1) is excellent as(More)
The electrical and magnetic properties of slightly Cu-deficient BiOCu(0.96)Se have been investigated using neutron and X-ray diffraction, ac magnetic susceptibility, magnetization and electric resistivity measurements. The layered BiOCu(0.96)Se crystallizes into a tetragonal lattice with a P4/nmm symmetry. Thermal profiles of the electrical resistivity(More)
The discovery of unconventional superconductivity in hydrated Nao. 3 CoO 2 .1.3H 2 0 has lead to active research work on the material over the last year due to its similarities and possible insight into the high-To copper oxide superconductors as well as the possibility of other rich physical phenomenon. In this thesis, experimental evidence is presented(More)
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