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Here we present the first diploid genome sequence of an Asian individual. The genome was sequenced to 36-fold average coverage using massively parallel sequencing technology. We aligned the short reads onto the NCBI human reference genome to 99.97% coverage, and guided by the reference genome, we used uniquely mapped reads to assemble a high-quality(More)
Residents of the Tibetan Plateau show heritable adaptations to extreme altitude. We sequenced 50 exomes of ethnic Tibetans, encompassing coding sequences of 92% of human genes, with an average coverage of 18x per individual. Genes showing population-specific allele frequency changes, which represent strong candidates for altitude adaptation, were(More)
Recalcitrance to saccharification is a major limitation for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol. In stems of transgenic alfalfa lines independently downregulated in each of six lignin biosynthetic enzymes, recalcitrance to both acid pretreatment and enzymatic digestion is directly proportional to lignin content. Some transgenics yield nearly(More)
  • Fang Chen
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 2008
It is a common practice to export instruments developed in one culture to another. Little is known about the consequences of making inappropriate comparisons in cross-cultural research. Several studies were conducted to fill in this gap. Study 1 examined the impact of lacking factor loading invariance on regression slope comparisons. When factor loadings of(More)
In this paper, we introduce and analyze a modification of the Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting iteration method for solving a broad class of complex symmetric linear systems. We show that the modified Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (MHSS) iteration method is unconditionally convergent. Each iteration of this method requires the solution of two(More)
14-3-3 proteins function as major regulators of primary metabolism and cellular signal transduction in plants. However, their involvement in plant defense and stress responses is largely unknown. In order to better address functions of the rice 14-3-3/GF14 proteins in defense and abiotic stress responses, we examined the rice GF14 family that comprises(More)
We have completed a second-generation linkage map that incorporates sequence-based positional information. This new map, the Rutgers Map v.2, includes 28,121 polymorphic markers with physical positions corroborated by recombination-based data. Sex-averaged and sex-specific linkage map distances, along with confidence intervals, have been estimated for all(More)
We propose a preconditioned variant of the modified HSS (MHSS) iteration method for solving a class of complex symmetric systems of linear equations. Under suitable conditions, we prove the convergence of the preconditioned MHSS (PMHSS) iteration method and discuss the spectral properties of the PMHSS-preconditioned matrix. Numerical implementations show(More)
Switchgrass is a leading dedicated bioenergy feedstock in the United States because it is a native, high-yielding, perennial prairie grass with a broad cultivation range and low agronomic input requirements. Biomass conversion research has developed processes for production of ethanol and other biofuels, but they remain costly primarily because of the(More)