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The quantum-mechanical D-dimensional inverse square potential is analyzed using field-theoretic renormalization techniques. A solution is presented for both the bound-state and scattering sectors of the theory using cutoff and dimensional regularization. In the renormalized version of the theory, there is a strong-coupling regime where quantum-mechanical(More)
The finite temperature and finite density dependence of the neutron-proton mass difference is analysed in a purely hadronic framework where the ρ − ω mixing is crucial for this isospin symmetry breakdown. The problem is handled within Thermo Field Dynamics. The present results, consistent with partial chiral and charge symmetry restoration, improve the(More)
We study the incorporation of QCD effects in the basic electroweak corrections ∆r̂, ∆r̂W , and ∆r. They include perturbative O(ααs) contributions and tt̄ threshold effects. The latter are studied in the resonance and Green-function approaches, in the framework of dispersion relations that automatically satisfy relevant Ward identities. Refinements in the(More)