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This paper describes a novel crossover operator, Cut-blend crossover, for a genetic algorithm for the TSP. Cut-blend crossover may be the best in such kind crossovers that improve a tour using a sub-tour extracted from other tour or tours (PMX, OX et al.). The proposed operators are embedded in a new genetic algorithm, which extracts sub-tours from a pool(More)
This paper describes a novel method for extracting fingerprints of executables. A new data visual approach based on data field is imported. The 3-tuple (in-degree, out-degree, function call relationship) extracted from call graph are used for constructing data field and the potential field graph. This potential field graph is fingerprinted by the method of(More)
In this paper we propose a new method for finding the fingerprint of executable programs. Our method based on the statistical analysis of the 2-dimensional graph named novel abstract call graph which is in component of the colored pixels arranged according to the adjacency matrix of the call flow graph, the color of the pixel is determined by the in-degree(More)
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