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P.-W. Liang, C.-Y. Liao, Dr. C.-C. Chueh, Dr. F. Zuo, S. T. Williams, Dr. X.-K. Xin, Prof. A. K.-Y. Jen Department of Materials Science and Engineering University of Washington Seattle , WA 98195 , USA E-mail: ajen@u.washington.edu Prof. A. K.-Y. Jen Department of Chemistry University of Washington Seattle , WA 98195 , USA C.-Y. Liao, Prof. J. J. Lin(More)
A comprehensive morphological study was used to elucidate chloride's role in CH(3)NH(3)PbI(3-x)Cl(x) film evolution on a conducting polymer, PEDOT:PSS. Complex ion equilibria and aggregation in solution, as well as the role they play in nucleation, are found to ultimately be responsible for the unique morphological diversity observed in perovskite films(More)
Through a facile one-step combustion method, partially reduced TiO(2) has been synthesized. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra confirm the presence of Ti(3+) in the bulk of an as-prepared sample. The UV-vis spectra show that the Ti(3+) here extends the photoresponse of TiO(2) from the UV to the visible light region, which leads to high(More)
We report the design, synthesis, and characterization of a novel heterojunction array of α-Fe(2)O(3)/graphene/BiV(1-x)Mo(x)O(4) core/shell nanorod for photoelectrochemical water splitting. The heterojunction array was prepared by hydrothermal deposition of α-Fe(2)O(3) nanorods onto Ti substrate, with subsequent coating of graphene interlayer and(More)
A tale of two polyhedra: two nested Archimedean metal-organic polyhedra, a rhombicuboctahedron (Co(48) cage) and a cuboctahedron (Co(24) cage), have been assembled from two types of cobalt dimers and two complementary ligands. Within the 3D covalent cubic array of outer Co(48) cages and framework lie encapsulated inner Co(24) cages that are linked into a(More)
A hybrid WO3 /C3 N4 /CoOx system exhibits excellent photoelectrochemical activity for water oxidation. The system comprises a novel three-dimensionally branched WO3 nanosheet array coated with a layer of C3 N4 heterojunctions that are further decorated with CoOx nanoparticles. The photoelectrochemical activity arises from the effective light harvesting due(More)
A simple, low temperature solution process for Pb/Sn binary-metal perovskite planar-heterojunction solar cells is demonstrated. Sn inclusion substantially influences the band-gap, crystallization kinetics, and thin-film formation leading to a broadened light absorption and enhanced film coverage on ITO/PEDOT:PSS. As a result, the optimized device shows a(More)
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with cationic frameworks and mobile anions have many applications from sensing, anion exchange and separation, to fast ion conductivity. Despite recent progress, the vast majority of MOFs have neutral frameworks. A common mechanism for the formation of neutral frameworks is the attachment of anionic species such as F(-) or(More)
A novel dopant-free TiO(2) photocatalyst (V(o)(.)-TiO(2)), which is self-modified by a large number of paramagnetic (single-electron-trapped) oxygen vacancies, was prepared by calcining a mixture of a porous amorphous TiO(2) precursor, imidazole, and hydrochloric acid at elevated temperature (450 °C) in air. Control experiments demonstrate that the porous(More)