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Microwave frequency combs are generated by optically injecting a semiconductor laser (slave) with repetitive pulses from an optoelectronic feedback laser (master). By varying the delay time, regular pulsing states with different pulsing frequencies are generated in the master laser. The pulsing output is then optically injected into the slave laser to(More)
An electrically reconfigurable liquid-core/liquid-cladding (L(2)) optical waveguide with core liquid γ-butyrolactone (GBL, ncore = 1.4341, εcore = 39) and silicone oil (ncladding = 1.401, εcladding = 2.5) as cladding liquid is accomplished using dielectrophoresis (DEP) that attracts and deforms the core liquid with the greater permittivity to occupy the(More)
A self-mixing (SM) dual-frequency (DF) laser Doppler velocimeter (LDV) (SM DF-LDV) is proposed and studied, which integrates the advantages of both the SM-LDV and the DF-LDV. An optically injected semiconductor laser operated in a dual-frequency period-one (P1) dynamical state is used as the light source. By probing the target with the light-carried(More)
We apply a four-wave mixing analysis on a quantum dot laser to simultaneously obtain the linewidth enhancement factor α and other intrinsic laser parameters. By fitting the experimentally obtained regenerative signals and power spectra at different detuning frequencies with the respective curves analytically calculated from the rate equations, parameters(More)
We experimentally demonstrated the ultra-wideband (UWB) signal generation utilizing nonlinear dynamics of an optical pulse-injected semiconductor laser. The UWB signals generated are fully in compliant with the FCC mask for indoor radiation, while a large fractional bandwidth of 93% is achieved. To show the feasibility of UWB-over-fiber, transmission over a(More)
Optical parametric mixing is a popular scheme to generate an idler wave at THz frequencies, although the THz wave is often absorbing in the nonlinear optical material. It is widely suggested that the useful material length for co-directional parametric mixing with strong THz-wave absorption is comparable to the THz-wave absorption length in the material.(More)
We numerically investigated the chaos time delay signature (TDS) suppression and bandwidth enhancement by electrical heterodyning. Chaos signals generated with a semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback typically have distinct loop frequency peaks in their power spectra corresponding to the reciprocals of the time delays, which deteriorates the(More)
We studied single-sideband (SSB) photonic microwave generation with a high sideband rejection ratio (SRR) based on the period-one dynamical states of an optically injected quantum-dot (QD) semiconductor laser and demonstrated that the SSB signals have SRRs of approximately 15 dB higher than those generated with a conventional quantum-well semiconductor(More)
Performance of chaotic communication in radio-over-fiber (ROF) transmission based on optoelectronic feedback semiconductor lasers is studied numerically. The chaotic carrier is generated by optoelectronic feedback semiconductor lasers, where chaotic communication is realized by synchronizing a receiver laser with a transmitter laser. Transmission quality of(More)
An arbitrary channel selection system based on a pulse-injected semiconductor laser with a phase-locked loop (PLL) is experimentally demonstrated and characterized. Through optical injection from a tunable laser, channels formed by the frequency components of a microwave frequency comb generated in the pulse-injected semiconductor laser are individually(More)