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Storytelling in the Age of Big Data:
This exploratory study identifies journalism students’ attitudes, level of cognition and proficiency in data journalism (DJ). A survey of 121 college journalism students in Hong Kong, combined with
Use of Moodle in College English Language Teaching ( Reading and Listening ) in China : A Narrative Review of the Literature
With the development of technology such as the invention of Moodle (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment), the teacher-centered mode in traditional English classes is gradually
Learning path construction in e-Learning : what to learn and how to learn?
The aim is to help teachers improve their teaching approaches and help students reflect their strengths and weaknesses in learning by proposing a fined-grained outcome-based learning path model, which allows teachers to explicitly formulate learning activities as the learning units of a learning path.
Chinese teachers’ reconstruction of the curriculum reform through lesson study
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to reveal how the meanings of the current national curriculum reform in China changed in its transmission from the outside authoritative mandate to the local
Cooperation Learning of Flip teaching style on the MBA Mathematics Education Efficiency
This study aims to discuss the effects of flipped teaching supported cooperative learning on MBA students’ learning achievement, attitudes toward technology, cooperative learning attitudes, and
Construction of OBE Concept Autonomous Learning Mode in University Teaching Based on the Internet
  • Fan Yang, Jiong Fan
  • Education
    Journal of Cases on Information Technology
  • 21 February 2022
In order to meet the needs of life-long learning of the Internet of Things and the economic and social development of digital learning countries, we must actively explore the teaching mode of digital
Taoist wisdom on individualized teaching and learning—Reinterpretation through the perspective of Tao Te Ching
Abstract In an era when individuality has been increasingly emphasized, the development of science and technology has provided technical support for the realization of individuation. However, in an
A Chinese Tai Chi Model: An Integrative Model beyond the Dichotomy of Student-Centered Learning and Teacher-Centered Learning
It is argued that the ancient Chinese Tai Chi philosophy may be an alternative approach to mediate this controversy by helping people to understand the dynamic balance of teaching and learning.
From intimidation to love: Taoist philosophy and love-based environmental education
Abstract For decades, a review of environmental education initiatives in and beyond schools indicates that many of them were implemented from an anthropocentric perspective. The rationale behind them