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This paper addresses the problems in scheduling a precedence constrained tasks of parallel application with random tasks processing time and edges communication time on Grid computing systems so as to minimize the makespan in stochastic environment. This is a difficult problem and few efforts have been reported on its solution in the literature. The problem(More)
With the growing deployment of wireless communication technologies, radio spectrum is becoming a scarce resource. Thus, mechanisms to efficiently allocate the available spectrum are of interest. In this paper, we model the radio spectrum allocation problem as a sealed-bid reserve auction, and propose SMALL, which is a Strategy-proof Mechanism for radio(More)
The problem of dynamic spectrum redistribution has been extensively studied in recent years. Auction is believed to be one of the most effective tools to solve this problem. A great number of strategy-proof auction mechanisms have been proposed to improve spectrum allocation efficiency by stimulating bidders to truthfully reveal their valuations of(More)
In crowdsensing, appropriate rewards are always expected to compensate the participants for their consumptions of physical resources and involvements of manual efforts. While continuous low quality sensing data could do harm to the availability and preciseness of crowdsensing based services, few existing incentive mechanisms have ever addressed the issue of(More)
Incentive mechanisms for crowdsourcing have been extensively studied under the framework of all-pay auctions. Along a distinct line, this paper proposes to use Tullock contests as an alternative tool to design incentive mechanisms for crowdsourcing. We are inspired by the conduciveness of Tullock contests to attracting user entry (yet not necessarily a(More)
Bandwidth reservation has been recognized as a value-added service to the cloud provider in recent years. We consider an open market of cloud bandwidth reservation, in which cloud providers offer bandwidth reservation services to cloud tenants, especially online streaming service providers, who have strict requirements on the amount of bandwidth to(More)
Since life is invaluable, the patient safety is always an important issue. How to reduce the malpractices and advance the patient safety is the primary goal of many countries. The current problem is that the hospitals cannot quickly and precisely identify the name of medicine, the position of patient and staff and the servicing time and dosage taken by(More)
Dynamic spectrum redistribution---under which spectrum owners lease out under-utilized spectrum to users for financial gain---is an effective way to improve spectrum utilization. Auction is a natural way to incentivize spectrum owners to share their idle resources. In recent years, a number of strategy-proof auction mechanisms have been proposed to(More)
The mixture of users with different bandwidth capability presents new challenges to optimize the transmission performance of the next generation wireless networks. This paper focuses on resource allocation for pervasive wireless networks with component carrier (CC) aggregation. Distinguished from many existing methods that decompose the resource(More)