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Some nonlinear dynamic inequalities on a time scale T are formulated in this paper. Some sufficient conditions for global existence and an estimate of the rate of decay of solutions are obtained. The results not only unify the results of differential and difference inequalities but can be applied on different types of time scales. These inequalities are of(More)
Some new criteria have been established for the oscillation of the linear matrix Hamiltonian system X = A(t)X + B(t)Y, Y = C(t)X − A * (t)Y under the hypothesis: A(t), B(t) = B * (t) > 0 and C(t) = C * (t) are n × n real continuous matrix functions on the interval [t 0 , ∞) (t 0 > −∞). Our results are different from most known ones in the sense that they(More)