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The influenza virus gene pool in a poultry market in South central china.
Findings show that quail are broadly susceptible to different subtypes of influenza A virus, including the H2N9, H3N3 and H4N6 viruses, which caused disease and systemic spread in chickens.
Genetic diversity and population structure of rice stripe virus in China.
The data suggest that the most recent outbreak of RSV in eastern China was not due to the invasion of new RSV subtype(s), and the evolutionary processes contributing to the observed genetic diversity and population structure are discussed.
Phylogenetic relationships of closely related potyviruses infecting sweet potato determined by genomic characterization of Sweet potato virus G and Sweet potato virus 2
Phylogenetic analysis based on the deduced CP amino acid sequences supports the view that these five viruses are grouped together in a SPFMV lineage, and reveals that Sweet potato virus Y and Ipomoea vein mosaic virus are grouped with SPV2 as one species, and these two viruses should be consolidated withSPV2.
Complete genome sequence of a divergent strain of Japanese yam mosaic virus from China
A novel strain of Japanese yam mosaic virus (JYMV-CN) was identified in a yam plant with foliar mottle symptoms in China. The complete genomic sequence of JYMV-CN was determined. Its genomic sequence
Transmission Efficiency, Preference and Behavior of Bemisia tabaci MEAM1 and MED under the Influence of Tomato Chlorosis Virus
The initial hypothesis that the rapid spread of ToCV is associated with the spread of B. tabaci MED in China is supported and the combined results support the initial hypothesis.
Identification and molecular characterization of Panax notoginseng virus A, which may represent an undescribed novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae
Data suggest that dsRNA PN-S may represent the genome of a member of a novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae, for which the name Panax notoginseng virus A (PnVA) is proposed.
Complete genome sequence of yam chlorotic necrosis virus, a novel macluravirus infecting yam
Results suggest that the virus, tentatively named “yam chlorotic necrosis virus” (YCNV), should be considered a member of a novel species in the genus Macluravirus.
Molecular Detection and Characterization of Chinese Yam Mild Mosaic Virus Isolates
An improved RT-PCR was developed and validated for the detection of Yam mild mosaic virus (YMMV) and showed that the Chinese isolates were divided into two distinct clusters, which represented two distinct YMMV lineages.